Varislim weight loss pill review

Legacy Laboratories launches Vari-Slim For weight loss without side effects

Legacy Laboratories, a US-based business, has launched a weight-loss cannabidiol (CBD) product. The breakthrough comes after two decades of global investigation.

Vari-Slim by Legacy Laboratories is backed by a "first-of-its-kind" human clinical study, according to the merchant, that found the product's main ingredient, tetrahydrocannabiVarin (THCV), decreased participants' natural hunger.

We believe that Vari-Slim fills a major void that has existed in the marketplace," says Mark Phillips, founder of Legacy Laboratories. "We believe that Vari-Slim fills a major void that has existed in the marketplace, using natural weight loss remedies instead of harsh stimulants, allowing hemp to do the work.

THC-V directly binds with the CB1 Receptor (located in our Endocannabinoid System) and deactivates it. This action prevents appetite stimulation.

Vari slim before and after results Vari slim before and after results

The recommended serving is 50mg per day over a 90-day introductory period. Clinical trials have shown up to 18lbs in weight reduction and up to 6 inches in waistline reduction resulting from consistent use of Vari-Slim over the 90-day period.

Explore an all natural approach to weight loss. Vari-Slim is scientifically backed by clinical trials with proven weight loss by 100% of participants, over a 13 week.

Hemp over stimulants

Vari-Slim claims that, unlike other cannabis products that increase cravings, the THC-V component of hemp targets yearning receptors in the brain and signals to the body that it is full, allowing it to lose weight naturally. Vari-Slim, according to the store, allows people to avoid the negative side effects of many standard weight reduction supplements, such as high heart rate, nervousness, and headaches.

A wide array of benefits

According to Vari-Slim, Trim by Sunmed has benefits such as enhanced sleep, reduced anxiety, and pain relief, in addition to being a natural weight-loss solution. Dr. Anthony Jones, Vari-chief Slim's science officer, says, "This natural method to weight loss has numerous extra benefits such as anti-inflammation, deeper and longer sleep, as well as a reduction in pain, melancholy, and anxiety."

Easy to use

Vari-Slim can be taken as a soft gel capsule, and it should be part of a daily regimen that includes a nutritious food and an active lifestyle. It can also improve the effectiveness of exercise and nutrition without requiring drastic changes, according to the retailer. Over a 90-day introduction period, the suggested serving is 50 mg per day. Clinical research have indicated that persistent usage of Vari-Slim can result in weight loss of up to 18 pounds and a six-inch waistline decrease in that time span. At Vari-Slim Store locations, the product is available for an introductory price of US $39/bottle. Himalayan Slim Flower is used to make the products.

Defining the era of CBD

Consumers are increasingly turning to CBD products for natural remedies, especially since the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) changed its stance in 2018, allowing for progressive regulatory improvements since hemp and CBD derived from hemp were legalised. Himalayan slim flower includes CannabidiVarin but not THC, therefore it does not produce the high that marijuana does. CBD is a different type of Cannabidivarin found in both Cannabis sativa strains. It has gotten a lot of press recently, and it's assumed to be responsible for a lot of cannabis' medicinal effects, including pain reduction.